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Our History

Raw Juice Story:

I have lived a holistic lifestyle for over 10 years.  Over the years I’ve studied integrative medicine/therapies and one thing that holds true is that food is medicine.  More importantly, the opportunity to consume nutrients in liquid form and allow those nutrients to get into your blood-stream rapidly and allow for immediate healing to include reversing of disease, preventing disease, slowing down the aging process, balancing hormones, just to name a few, is astonishing.  In these times that we live in, it is no longer an option to live a healthy lifestyle.  It is critical.  Do yourself, your body and your loved ones a favor and treat your body right! A Beauti-Juice a day, will go a long way😉

Why Beauti-Juice?

Beauti-Juice is not only delicious, it is handcrafted raw juice that is prepared daily.  Beauti-Juice is never heated and never processed.  Beauti-Juice is cold-pressed and bottle immediately, upon order.  

Benefits of Juicing:  

High in Vitamins/Minerals, Immunity Boost, Detoxifying, Improves Digestion, Improves Sleep, Balance Hormones (Improves Sexual Function), Reduces Inflammation, improves mental awareness, Hydrate, Improves the appearance of skin, Increases Metabolism, just to name a few!

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