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Single Bottle Rewards:

-For every six (6) single bottles purchased, you will receive $5 off (only applies to single bottle orders) 

Beauti-Program and Beauti-Bundle Rewards:

-For every Beauti-Program or Beauti-Bundle purchased, you will receive 10% off your next Beauti-Program or Beauti-Bundle (only applies to Beauti-Programs & Beauti-Bundles).   

Referral Rewards- 

-Receive $5 off your next Beauti-order when you refer a friend or family.  Please be sure that your referral provides us with your name, when he/she is contacted regarding their order.  The referral must provide your name, in order to receive the discount. We will send you an email with your referral discount code.   

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Beauti-Bundle (5 Day Week/8oz bottles)

Beauti-Bundle (5 Day Week/8oz bottles)

Place your order for the month and have your juices shipped weekly!

Finally!  An easier, more convenient way to order your Beauti-juice in bulk!  You provided feedback and we listened!!!  Now you may select your choice of juices for the month, pay for the month supply, then have them shipped to you weekly!  Each selection is pre-calculated to reflect a monthly supply for either 8oz or 16 oz bottles (for 5 day or 7 day per week supply).